The Pale Reach DLC

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The Pale Reach is optional paid DLC available for DREDGE.

"The Pale Reach" takes your DREDGE adventure into unchartered territory. Explore icy waters that hide more than just fish, sell your discoveries, enhance your boat, and unravel a bitter betrayal, dredging up long-buried mysteries from this frozen land.

-Steam description


  • A brand new area, The Pale Reach.
  • 17 new fish, crabs, and aberrations with the new TypeBadgeIce.png type.
  • 4 new pursuits
  • 4 new pieces of equipment: 2 rods and 2 nets to help catch the new TypeBadgeIce.png type fish.
  • Introduces Ice Blocks to extend the shelf-life of your most valuable catches
  • 8 new acheivements