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  • Light - Toggles the lights on your boat on or off allowing you to see better in the dark and reduce panic buildup.
  • Foghorn - HONK. Can be used to chase off Crows and make monsters notice you.
  • Spyglass - Reveals the contents of fishing or dredging spots within 4 km (2 map squares), saving in-game and real-world time. Also shows the location of placed map markers.
  • Trawl Net - Passively collects fish into the "Net" tab in your cargo, as long as the durability lasts.
  • Crab Pot - Places down a crab pot from your inventory, which passively catches crabs and other sea life to be collected later.
  • Bait - Throws bait off the side of your boat, instantly creating a fishing spot.
  • Camera - Allows you to take photos of your surroundings.


  • Haste - Temporarily boost your engine at the cost of engine heat and panic. Overheating the engine damages one of your engine slots.
  • Manifest - Teleport back to Blackstone Isle at the cost of a small amount of panic.
  • Banish - Temporarily ward away most threats at the cost of a small amount of panic.
  • Atrophy - Instantly harvest a fishing spot with a high chance for aberrations at the cost of panic and very slow fish regeneration.


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Prey Sighted

Prey sighted icon.jpg Spot a fish of each category through your spyglass.

From the Fog

From the Fog icon.jpg Hear a foghorn echo.