Blackstone Isle

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Blackstone Isle is a place found in The Marrows. It has two locations upon it, the Ruined Mansion, and the workshop. According to the Mayor "It technically falls under the jurisdiction of Little Marrow. [...] It was sold to a private owner some twenty years ago. [...] I've not met the owner; I suspect they don't live around here. The island seems quite uninhabited." The Manifest ability can bring the player to the Blackstone Isle dock at any time.

Ruined Mansion

The Ruined Mansion is a key location for the main story of DREDGE. If you try to interact with the Ruined Mansion before starting the main quest, a message will read "The door is locked." and the lights on the top floor of the spire won't be illuminated.

The Ruined Mansion unlocks during the pursuit Grotesque Fish. After the player gives the Fishmonger an aberrant fish, a mysterious man invites the player to meet him at the Ruined Mansion on Blackstone Isle to discuss something. Later he is revealed to be the Collector.

The Workshop

The workshop "looks as though it hasn't been used in decades." When the player tries to go inside, they are met with the simple message "It's locked." The workshop can be unlocked by purchasing the Blackstone Key DLC. The interior is dimly lit, and "you find some horrifying creations amongst the detritus." being the Arterial Engine and the Sign of Ruin. If you try the option Pick Up Items a second time, a dialog reads "You've already taken the equipment that was stored here."