Grotesque Fish

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Grotesque Fish is a pursuit found in DREDGE.


  • I caught a strange looking fish.
  • Show the Fishmonger.
    • I should take the fish to the Fishmonger - he might know more about it.
    • I took the fish to the Fishmonger. He sliced it open and removed a handkerchief from it.
  • Meet at Blackstone Isle.
    • A man approached me, interested in what the Fishmonger pulled from the fish. He wants me to meet him on Blackstone Isle.
    • I met the man on Blackstone Isle and gave him the handkerchief.
  • The Collector had a proposition for me.
    • He offered to equip my boat with dredging equipment. I should let him know if I want it installed.
    • I agreed to the offer, and he installed dredging equipment on my boat.


  • I agreed to the deal.