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Disclaimer: The names used throughout this article are often not included in any text or dialogue in-game. Rather, these names have been collected over time, and are either names used internally by the developers or are the names that have become convention among fans. The latter is best avoided, however, as labeling an enemy with a particular name in this article further perpetuates this term and lends it legitimacy that may be undeserved. If a name is under contention, it will be indicated as such.


Enemies are affected by the Banish ability, and pursue the player. While most enemies deal damage to the player’s hull on contact, it is not a prerequisite for being considered an enemy. In the broadest definition, an enemy is an entity that actively tries to disrupt the player’s ability to complete tasks. Environmental Hazards do not meet this definition.


Persistent enemies appear regardless of the player's Panic levels. Most of them are always present, although the Night Angler only appears at night.

Night Angler

Main Article: Night Angler


The Night Angler is an enemy encountered at nights in The Marrows. Although it appears as a fishing boat like the player’s in the distance, its true form as an enormous ship-eating anglerfish is revealed at close proximity. It will chase and attempt to attack the player's Ship upon detection, damaging hull integrity and increasing Panic.


Main Article: Serpent


The Serpent is a monster encountered in the Gale Cliffs lurking within the passageways it has carved out below the cliffs. As it moves around the region, it causes the iconic tremors that endanger the hermit The Serpent will attack the player if they navigate too close to it. It can be evaded with fast engines, exiting its area of detection.

In passive mode, the player can collide with the Serpent without incurring any damage.

Stellar Basin Creature

Main Article: Stellar Basin Creature

Stellar Basin Creature Glow.png

The Stellar Basin Creature is an enormous kraken-like being found in the center of the Stellar Basin. It is one of the largest creatures in the game, and poses a threat to the player as it will lash out with its enormous tentacles. If the player sails over top of the creature, it will attack them rapidly with its tentacles, which can easily sink the boat by dealing two damage each swing.

The Stellar Basin Creature cannot be harmed. However, upon completing the Research Assistant Pursuit, the generator at the Research Outpost can be used to power a device to ward off the creature temporarily. Banish can also briefly accomplish the same effect.

Mind Sucker

Main Article: Mind Sucker


The Mind Suckers are enemies that appear in the Twisted Strand. They sense the player based on motion, and cannot track the player down if they stay still. They inflict high Panic on the player, which will summon Vines to damage the boat.

Ravenous Children

Main Article: Ravenous Children


The Ravenous Children, commonly called Piranhas, serve as eyes for the Unseeing Mother. They are usually seen swimming in a swarm under the water, their glowing red eyes giving away their identity.

They will swarm around the Boat, slowing it down and alerting the Mother. They can be removed by sailing over a Thermal Vent or by using Banish

Unseeing Mother

Main Article: Unseeing Mother


The Unseeing Mother is an enormous fish that can be found in the Devil's Spine. As her name implies, she is blind and cannot see the player. However, she can hear the calls of the Ravenous Children when they swarm the player and will come to their aid by biting at the boat. The unseeing mother patrols the archipelago to the north and east, always accompanied by a few of her children.


Main Article: Narwhal


The Narwhal is the foremost threat lurking in the waters of The Pale Reach in The Pale Reach DLC. Unlike other enemies, the Narwhal can be kept at bay by feeding it at the feeding station behind the Central Camp. It is otherwise easy to spot while it hunts, since you can see its glowing horn when it comes up to the surface.


Main Article: Miasma


Miasma, otherwise referred to in game as Fog, are nocturnal hazards present in DREDGE. Instances of miasma only manifest at night, and appear as low-lying cloud-like apparitions. If the player’s Lights are on and shine on a miasma, the miasma instance will take on a reddish color scheme, but not move. However, when the player's boat is close enough, the miasma instance will be rapidly drawn towards the player's boat, rapidly increasing the player's panic.

Panic Based

Panic Based enemies only appear when the player has a high Panic level. They appear, attack the player, and then de-spawn again.


Main Article: Crows


Crows are an enemy that will steal Fish from the player's ship, stealing as many as they like before flying away. They can be chased off by using the ship's Foghorn or Banish, which will prevent them from stealing anything.

Monster Ray

Main Article: Monster Ray

Monster ray.png

The Monster Ray is an enemy that spawns in shallow waters. It will chase the player until it attacks. The player can escape it by outrunning it till it despawns or by finding a place to dock.


Main Article: Tentacle


The Tentacle is an enemy that appears in the Open Ocean when the player has high Panic. It will crash down on the player's boat and deal damage.

Phantom Shark

Main Article: Phantom Shark


The Phantom Shark is an enemy that appears when the player has very high Panic. It charges towards the player rapidly and deals 2 damage on hit. The player can dodge it with a high engine speed and/or Haste.


Main Article: Vines


The Vines is a danger that is similar to the Tentacles. It will only appear if the player has high Panic whilst in Twisted Strand. Four vines will rise from the water and surround your boat, they will follow for awhile until they attack. They can be easily avoided by simply moving, as the vines become somewhat stationary when they do their attack animation.

Waterspout (Red)

Main Article: Waterspout


Red Waterspouts act similarly to regular waterspouts (twisters that damage the player on contact) but actively chase the player until de-spawing. They spawn at high panic.

Environmental Hazards

Environmental Hazards do not respond to the banish ability, and do not directly pursue the player.


Some hazards occur regardless of the player’s panic and can be assumed to be a natural part of the world (although some, like the Mimic Crab are definitely strange).


Main Article: Waterspout


Waterspouts are dangers that can appear throughout the world of DREDGE. When the player hits a waterspout, they will take hull damage. There is also a slight chance for a Fish to be flung into the player's cargo hold by the spout during a collision.


Main Article: Icebergs

Icebergs are small chunks of Ice that can be found throughout the Pale Reach. They function much like Rocks but can be destroyed by the Icebreaker.

Rocks (normal)

Rocks are simple obstructions that the player must avoid. They deal 1 damage to the boat if the player collides with them. Upon colliding with a rock, the player has a short period of time where a second collision will not deal damage. Most shorelines count as terrain that will deal damage, but docks, ports, and pontoons do not.

Jelly Bomb

Main Article: Jelly Bomb


Jelly Bombs are hazards that appear only in the Stellar Basin. They rise up from the deep at night time before sinking back down at daybreak.

Jelly bombs wander through the sea lazily, but explode on contact with the player's boat. They are generally very easy to avoid due to their size, and not much of a threat.

Effects upon impact include damage to hull, Infection of random fish in cargo, and reduction of Sanity.

Mimic Crab

Main Article: Mimic Crab

ShipcrabA.png ShipcrabB.png

Mimic Crabs are large stationary Hazards that are typically disguised as wrecks that the player can dredge or even an obelisk. They can be encountered at any time of day or night, becoming active when the player gets too close. Once the player is with range, they will reveal themselves and thrash around, dealing damage if the vessel is too close.

Guiding Winds

Main Article: Guiding Winds

Guiding winds.png

Guiding Winds are gusts of wind that move the player's Boat in a particular direction.

Panic Based

These Hazards appear/become more frequent when the player has high panic.

Shifting Tree Roots

Main Article: Shifting Tree Roots

Tree Roots.png

Shifting Tree Roots can be found throughout Twisted Strand and act as barriers to the player's movement. They appear and reappear intermittently, blocking off pathways and revealing others.

Poison Mushrooms

Main Article: Poison Mushrooms

Poison Mushrooms are small clumps of spotty mushrooms that can be found in Twisted Strand. When the player has very high Panic the Poison Mushrooms will explode when in close proximity to the Boat.

First explosion: “Your catch has been infected by the spores” Subsequent explosions: One of the player's fish instantly turns to rot.

Rocks (Phantom)

Main Article: Phantom Rocks

Phantom Rocks are rocks that only spawn at night, when the player's panic is high enough. They are invisible until the player reveals them with their light, this can make them hard to avoid, especially at high speeds.