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"Something slithers into your cargo hold."
-Infection message

Infection is a game mechanic that can occur at random when the player is carrying certain Fish, mostly Common Crabs. When an infection occurs, the affected fish's condition changes from "Fresh," "stale," or "Rotting," to "Infected." The infection is indicated by a cluster of bulbous, dark purple growths on the affected fish.

Infection can spread from one fish to another over time. Infection cannot spread to Aberrations.

When a fish is infected, the message "Something slithers into your cargo hold" will be displayed. When the infection spreads for the first time, a message will read "A sickly stench rises from your cargo hold," and further spreads will declare "The foul smell in your cargo hold grows stronger."

The only other ways to get Infection is from a Jelly Bomb in Stellar Basin or from using Atrophy, as it will frequently appear on caught fish.

Infection will prevent a fish from rotting, but also halves the price of the fish when being sold. Despite primarily being a negative, the fact that it prevents fish from turning to rot can make it a good thing in some limited circumstances.