Blackstone Key DLC

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Blackstone Key is optional paid DLC available for DREDGE that was released in tandem with the base game.


The DLC only allows the player to access the workshop on Blackstone Isle, granting the player two exclusive items: The Arterial Engine and the Sign of Ruin.

Other Deluxe Edition Content includes the DREDGE Digital Artbook and the DREDGE Original Soundtrack composed by David Madison.


The Blackstone Key was not intended to be DLC by the developers, but Team17 removed it from bundled Deluxe Editions before the game launched. On Steam, the Deluxe Edition is bundled with the DLC, making the change virtually indistinguishable from the original launch plan, but it was still met with backlash from fans. Some players are frustrated by the trend of developers releasing DLC content on the day the game launches instead of including it in the base game.

However, Black Salt developers have emphasized that the Blackstone Key DLC does not include any story related content.