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Mixed Bait is unlocked by completing the The Bitter End pursuit.

The Airman converts fish into bait on a 1:1 ratio. The size of the fish doesn't matter, even the small Fangtooth will be converted into 1 bait. But take note, the airman only has space for 12 units of mixed bait per trade. Any excess fish will be lost. Additionally, the Travelling Merchant will also start selling bait at her shipyard. She will sell 2 per in-game day.

Bait is used to bring fish to the boat's location. However the fish it attracts is random, so it might not attract a specific fish you might be seeking. To take full advantage of the bait, you should make sure you can catch fish of all types in that area. For example, if you use the bait in Stellar Basin it can attract Barreleye, an abyssal fish, which requires a winch capable of abyssal fishing. Bait is useful, however, if trying to fill the encyclopedia, especially with oceanic fish which are few and far between in availability. The randomness of fish type drawn by bait supersedes the daytime or nighttime requirement of applicable fish, allowing it to attract both Ocean Sunfish and Moonfish within the same use, for example.

The mixed bait used in the Bitter End pursuit are a quest variant with a different description to the normal mixed bait, each one having a unique name. From first to last they are: Pungent Bait, Fetid Bait, and Reeking Bait. Their description reads, "Foul-smelling mixture of fish and... something else. The airman says this should attract the beasts in Twisted Strands. I should be careful."


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Mixed Results

Mixed results icon.jpgUse Mixed Bait to attract 3 different species to a single spot.