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The Airman is the last surviving soldier of his air fleet found in Twisted Strand. You can find the planes of the deceased fellow airmen around the swamp, as well as find and dredge up their Dog Tags per the Airman's request after he is asked about how he will honor his fallen brethren.


  • The Airman offers the "The Bitter End" pursuit, where he asks you, the Fisherman, to aid him in catching the necessary fish for his bait and to collect the mortar parts from the wreckage of the planes in order to do away with the Mind Suckers.


  • The Airman will recount that few of his crew survived the crash, but were picked off one by one by the Mind Suckers.
  • After completing his pursuit, the Airman will decide to stay in Twisted Strand, as his camp has become home to him.