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The Hermit lives alone in the ruins of a settlement by Gale Cliffs. He had lived there happily with his wife until the Serpent destroyed their town. He is the only occupant left in the town as others have fled.

When the Fisherman asks why he stays in the ruins, he will mention his older brother. His brother is the Retired Whaler that lives in Ingfell. They had a fight over the division of their parents' inheritance. So when he and his wife decided to leave Ingfell, he took with him the Family Crest. He confesses to having stolen the crest from his brother and cannot return to Ingfell with out it. However he lost it when the Serpent attacked the town as it dragged the debris of his home to it's burrows.


The Hermit offers the "Hermitage" pursuit, asking the Fisherman for assistance in finding his Family Crest so that he can return home to Ingfell. After you help him recover the crest, he'll join you on your boat and return it to the old Whaler as an apology. He will move back to Ingfell and for the time being, stay in his brother's old workshop.