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Hermitage is a pursuit found in DREDGE.


  • Find the Hermit's Family Crest.
    • Find the Family Crest in Gale Cliffs. (top right of O3)
    • I found the Family Crest.
  • Show Family Crest to Hermit.
    • I should show this Family Crest to the Hermit - it must be his.
    • I showed the Hermit his Family Crest. He was pleased to see it.
  • Return Family Crest
    • Return the Family Crest to the old Whaler at Ingfell.
    • The Retired Whaler is going to find somewhere for the Hermit to live. After I help him.
  • Detonate the explosives.
    • I need to detonate some explosives that have been placed on debris somewhere in Gale Cliffs.
    • I detonated the explosives and created a shortcut through the cliffs.
  • Return to Ingfell Whaler.
    • I should return to Ingfell and tell the Whaler.
    • I returned to the Whaler at Ingfell and told them that I'd detonated the explosives.
  • Return to Hermit.
    • The Hermit's brother will take him back in. I should let him know.
    • I told the Hermit that I've secured a place for him to live in Ingfell.
  • Take Hermit to Ingfell.
  • The Hermit climbed aboard - I just need to take him to Ingfell.


  • I moved the Hermit to Ingfell.
    • The Hermit arrived at Ingfell safely.
  • The Hermit was lost overboard.