Retired Whaler

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The Retired Whaler lives in Ingfell. He used to make explosives for the whaling operations of Ingfell. The explosives were used to break up whale carcasses. However some twenty years ago, whales became so scarce in Gale Cliffs that it put an end to the whaling industry.

He is the older brother of the Hermit, though they had a falling out after a fight over their parents' inheritance. Before completing Hermitage, he refers to his brother as a devil, showing that he does have some resentment towards the hermit for stealing the Family Crest before leaving for the settlement by Gale Cliffs. His resentment diminishes upon the return of the crest, after which he allows his brother to stay in his old workshop.


  • The Retired Whaler offers the "Hermitage" pursuit, you can bring the Hermit to apologize to him with their Family Crest. Once the Hermitage pursuit is complete, he will start selling Packed Explosives in the Whaling Yards.