Travelling Merchant

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The Travelling Merchant is a character found at each of the four pontoons marked on the map. A fifth pontoon was added in the Pale Reach DLC.

She offers a number of useful services such as access to your storage, a fish market, boat repairs and new equipment at the shipyard, and boat upgrades at the floating dock.

When spoken to, she will offer some information (mostly story based) about the surrounding region.



Each pontoon has its own name, according to the region. The Dusty Pontoon can be found in Gale Cliffs, the Starlight Pontoon can be found in Stellar Basin, The Rickety Pontoon can be found in Twisted Strand, the Charred Pontoon can be found in Devil's Spine, and the Bleak Pontoon can be found in The Pale Reach. Additionally, each pontoon has its own track on the DREDGE Original Soundtrack. The tracks are The Resilient Traveller, The Exotic Traveller, The Cautious Traveller, the Brave Traveller, and the Shivering Traveller respectively.

The soundtrack also has an unused track called The Iron Traveller. While all the tracks from the Pale Reach DLC were released as a Disc 2, The Iron Traveller is a part of Disc 1, the base game soundtrack. This is likely because The Iron Rig DLC was intended to be the first DLC to be released, but, as the DLC was not ready to launch on Black Salt Games's original schedule, the Pale Reach was released instead.