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Hi Im Flashwing1234!

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Lumber, Metal Scraps, Refined Metal, Exotic Fish, Frozen Heart, Ice Axe, Eastern Terminus, Southern Locus, Western Bearing, Aurous Anchor, Bleak Pontoon, Ice Blocks, Enemies (with significant contributions from people on the Wiki Discord, especially Cheboygan and Kherchu), Updates

Current Pursuits

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🦀 location:
Icebreaker (quest):starts when you talk to the traveling merchant at the Icy workshop on the Bleack pontoon. Needs three parts: 2 Icebreaker Plow half (left found at: -4I & right found at:-4F), 1 Icebreaker Bracing found at -6J.
Icebreaker Plow half: Half of an angled metal frame
Icebreaker Bracing:a small section of metal bars covering some bracing struts.

This is my son Jimmy --> Fractalline Icefish Image.png