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Rock Slabs are objects that can be seen all around the map of Dredge. They are containers with inventory space that Fish can be placed into, granting some kind of reward for placing the correct fish.

Fish placed in the slab will have their condition frozen.


Crab Shrine

Throughout most of the world, the only Rock Slabs found are Shrines, which have limited space that fish must be fit into in a specific way according to their shape, and grant special items upon completion of the puzzles. You can look up their location on the interactive map.

The following 'Shrines can be found throughout the game:

Cod Altar

Cod Altar.png Cod Altar Slots.png

Crab Altar

Shark Altar

Aberrant Altar

Devil's Spine Rock Slabs

Shrine of the Deep.png

Rock Slabs can also be found in the Devil's Spine, their locations will be marked in your in game map by the Fanatic. These each grant a Fathomless Flame when completed, alongside the final slab giving the Encrusted Talisman. They have a markedly different appearance from the fish shrines.


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Servant of the Shrines

Servant of the shrines icon.jpg Solve all the fish shrine puzzles.


  • Much like the Miasma, when you turn your light off, the altar's red smoke will appear grey.